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I won't lie, I miss the 90's. I miss being a kid when I could get by caring more about cooties than I do about the political disposition of not only my country but the world. 

Those days have come and gone, my voice has cracked, I've had my first kiss, and I've pulled up my camouflage big boy pants. Although I do stress about the random crazy on the subway giving me cooties, I care more about what is happening right out my back door and beyond. 

The global society we all call home is going through what societies before us have gone through, so in the grand scheme we aren't necessarily experiencing the unprecedented. I can however understand the urgent sentiment, after all, this is the first time we are experiencing all of this crazy, so of course it is going to feel as intense as it does. 

Hope you drank your coffee this morning with an additional two shots of espresso because you're gonna need it, kid. The world is still spinning and with it, racism, bigotry, political instability, near nuclear war, and yes you guessed it, cooties are all ranging right outside. 

So because this isn't going anywhere and you are likely going to care, like the rest of us, take a load off and have a FIELD DAY. 

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